The Swan Surgery Case Study

The Swan Surgery Case Study

The Swan Surgery in Petersfield, Hampshire serves 13,800 patients, processing on average 300 letters per day. The practice has used Docman with EMIS LV for two years and now are looking to move to EMIS Web this year.

Norman Boyes, Business Manager “I was seduced by the prospect of Docman and Intellisense transforming our processes. I could see without even having the software that Workflow would provide us with the audit trail that we didn’t currently have, and needed.”

A busy practice, they process approximately 300 letters per day, much of which is external mail, however this also includes internally generated workload such as patient forms and scans.

“Having Docman has certainly improved our workflow and processes. When letters are received into the practice, they are scanned in and workflowed immediately.”

The practice use Intellisense to enhance their filing and scanning process, with one dedicated member of staff scanning and filing documents 5 days per week from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Norman explains, “Docman has provided more structure to the scanning role and given it discipline and accuracy. Intellisense is very useful for the filing and scanning process.”

Intellisense significantly reduces the risk of human error during the scanning and filing process as it uses Optical Character Recognition to automatically detect patient and document details and files them into the clinical record.

In the unlikely event of human error, the audit trail can show exactly where the error occurred, a feature which is reassuring to Norman.

“The primary driver for Docman was the audit trail as this was something that we did not have before.”

Norman attended the National Docman User Conference this year; “I came away from the conference buzzing. I felt so enthused about BackOffice, Apps and iWorkflow.”

Norman Boyes, Business Manager, The Swan Surgery