Over 1,000 practices are now using Docman with EMIS Web

Over 1,000 practices are now using Docman with EMIS Web

Over 1,000 practices are now using Docman with EMIS Web

More than 5,500 GP practices use Docman to provide a complete electronic document management, collaboration and workflow solution. There are now over 1,000 practices that are using Docman with the new EMIS Web clinical system.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, PCTI “As part of our commitment to providing world class customer service, we have ensured that when practices move clinical system there will be no training requirements to continue enjoying the benefits of Docman. This means you can continue to use the familiar Docman interface and reduce the impact on your practice when you move.”

“We have been delighted with the feedback from new and existing users of Docman that have moved to EMIS Web and we’re pleased to support practices during this time of change.

In October 2012 Sandy Lane Surgery moved from EMIS LV to EMIS Web, Marg Robinson Data Quality & IT Manager highlights “changing clinical system is stressful enough, so the fact that Docman remains the same throughout the process was great. This meant that we had limited downtime of Docman and within one day we were back up and running. We did not require training; everything in Docman was the same so it did help with making our change of clinical system process less stressful. The practice is pleased with the move to Web, the service from Docman has been great and has certainly helped us through the process.”

“Following our move to EMIS Web we are using the Docman Collaborator solution as an audited discussion platform to manage virtual meetings, discuss significant events, CCG policies and information, complaints, HR, manage meeting minutes and actions, and for various practice business issues. The solution has worked well for our practice and has effectively replaced the internal email system we used to use.”

Sandy Lane Surgery is also a pilot site for EDT Hub in South Staffordshire, enabling them to receive patient letters from secondary care electronically into Docman. This provides benefits of no scanning, auto-patient matching, pre-populated filing fields and quicker document processing.

Janette Rich, Practice Manager, Manor Way Surgery, Hampshire “We love Docman: Any practice looking to use Docman with EMIS LV or Web, I would say it’s a must.”

Jenny Naden, IT System Administrator Queensway Medical Centre, Blackpool, “All our staff use Docman heavily throughout the day. When moving to EMIS Web we were able to quickly use Docman when we switched over. We informed PCTI that we were changing GP system so that we would be prepared for Docman to be available to use as soon as the new clinical system was ready. Docman remained the same, familiar interface and the move was fine.”

Debbie Perry, Practice Manager, Latham House Medical Centre, Leicestershire using Docman with EMIS Web “We would definitely recommend Docman to another practice, the system is extremely user friendly, the customer service is great and the system is the best on the market.”

Ash Trees Surgery uses Docman with the iSoft Synergy clinical system and will be moving to EMIS Web in May. Lisa Jones, Data Team Leader highlights “we did a time analysis into the impact of iWorkflow in comparison to Docman’s previous workflow module and the time savings found were considerable. We have saved each of our staff around 1 hour a day because of the automated workflow processes we have set-up across our practice.”

Roger Townson, IT Manager “I strongly think that Docman would benefit other practices in our area in the same way it has done for us, we really couldn’t cope without it. The practice estimates to have saved 7 hours per day in staff time by using Docman over a paper process, which enables the practice to manage the ever increasing workload to the highest standards.

Dave Mills, Dr Anscombe and Partners, Oxford using Docman with EMIS Web “When you consider that a full time GP can receive up to 200 pages of patient documentation each week, they are each saving between 1-2 hours every week just from this single improvement of using Docman. That’s the equivalent of up to a dozen patient appointments for each doctor.”

“We have also seen numerous other time savings ranging from a receptionist saving half an hour a week searching for documents, far fewer mistakes as the systems reduce the possibility for human error significantly, and information is more readily available at people’s fingertips when they need it. Investigating and fixing human errors is always something that can drain valuable management time, especially in a large practice such as ours. We have noticed a reduction in time spent on this particular task of up to an hour a week.”

St Georges Surgery in Blackburn has used Docman to manage all their documents with the clinical system EMIS Web since 2010. June Barrett, Deputy Practice Manager highlights “Using Docman with EMIS Web is exactly the same as when we used it with EMIS LV. Processing documents with Docman is slightly faster with EMIS Web, so overall we have been extremely happy using Docman with both systems.”

Jenny Naden, IT System Administrator, Queensway Medical Centre, Blackpool