Lynne Granville

Lynne Granville

Pen-y-Cae Surgery in Gwent has used Docman GP to help them in their aim to become paperless since 2005. The practice serves 5,000 patients and processes approximately 200 letters per week with Docman GP and their Vision clinical system.

Creating efficiencies

Lynne discusses the time savings that have been created as a direct result of implementing Docman GP in the practice “Docman just cuts down so much of everything, especially administration work. Because of the time savings, we can now spend time doing other things.”

‘Everyone Benefits’

“Docman makes our way of working so much easier and so much safer. Our Doctors love the way it makes the flow of information around our practice quick and safe, everything is actioned so quickly.”

Becoming paperless

The practice utilise Docman for storing all clinical and non-clinical documents. “We use the BackOffice as our ‘global network’. We store everything in it so everyone knows exactly where to find the information they are looking for. We store documents such as practice policies, protocols and referral forms; it is our best friend!”

Clinical Governance

Docman provides a complete audit trail for practices, ensuring all documents are stored safely and securely, with a full audit of where it has been and what actions have been taken. “We have a completely watertight audit trail thanks to Docman and we can be confident that no papers are lost.”

“Docman GP really helps with our Clinical Governance. Previously letters were opened and passed back and forth around the practice with actions to be completed and things could get lost in this process. Now we have such a tight audit trail and we always know where our documents are.”

Clinical Content Recognition

The practice has used Docman for nine years and has always embraced updates to their software. “When we got Intellisense, it was just like another added bonus to the system. It has helped transform our ‘consistent Read Coding’; we would be lost without it!”

Lynne comments on the recent Docman update, version 71280 “all the staff really like the new version. The tiles make it even easier to use and quickly find the information you are looking for. We also regularly have our own in-house sessions to discuss Docman and share any tips or new features with each other.”


Lynne comments on introducing Docman GP into the practice “our aim was to go paperless, and this system did that.”

“We love Docman in our practice as it is the main link for all our paper information (internal and external communications) between staff. It has helped us become paperless with complete confidence, which saves on staff time.”

“We definitely recommend Docman to other practices and we happily show it to others who are thinking about using it.”

Lynne Granville, Practice Manager, Pen-y-Cae Surgery