Latham House Medical Practice Case Study

Latham House Medical Practice Case Study

Latham House Medical Practice have been using Docman for over four years, and in this time have changed clinical system from EMIS LV to EMIS Web.

The practice has 17 partners and 3 salaried GP’s with a 34,500 patient list size.

Debbie Perry“We would definitely recommend Docman to another practice, the system is extremely user friendly, the customer service is great and the system is the best on the market.”

“The fewer clicks we make the better, the system is really easy to use and have saved us a lot of time. We have recently updated to the latest version which has further improved our filing speeds.”

The practice has set-up various workflow quick steps for users and departments to streamline the processing of workflows, by combining common mouse clicks into one click.

  • No Action Required – 3 clicks combined
  • Action Complete – 3 clicks combined
  • Appointment Booked – This would be the free text ‘appointment booked’ automatically added plus the 2 clicks for save comment and finish
  • Forwarded to Relevant Doctor – This would be the free text comment ‘Forwarded to Relevant Doctor’ automatically added plus the 2 clicks for forward and choosing the doctor to send to.
  • Not my patient – This would require the doctor to either choose the doctor to send to or to forward back to the person who sent it to them. This can be done through a quickstep, add free text comment ‘not my patient’ and the return to sender option which will automatically send back to the sender. This would be about 4-5 clicks plus the time finding the person who sent it you.
  • Copy in buddy – Some doctors like to share their comments with a buddy doctor. Again a quickstep could be created saving 2 clicks plus the time it takes to find the buddy from the list of users.

“The quick steps we have set-up means that of the 500 letters we receive we no longer need to take 4 or 5 mouse clicks for documents and we have streamlined the process so we now take 1 or 2.”

Debbie Perry, Latham House Medical Practice