Jessica Potts

Jessica Potts

Benchill Medical Practice has 4 GP Partners, 1 Salaried GP and 1 Trainee GP serving approximately 9,000 patients.

Jessica Potts, Secretarial Administrator comments “We introduced Docman in the practice in mid-April 2013. After training each member of staff individually, we had everyone using Docman straight away.”

Transitioning from their old paper processes, Jessica notes “I explained to the staff and Doctors that it is just the same process as before, but it is now completed electronically and without paper.”

“Everyone is now using Docman on a daily basis.”

The practice has recently become a pilot for the Electronic Document Transfer module, EDT which allows the practice to receive documents electronically from local hospitals. “We are currently receiving Discharge Summaries from Wythenshawe Hospital and I have found this to be more efficient; the documents can be received the same day, whereas the paper copies can take up to 5 days to arrive.”

“Overall the practice has embraced the use of Docman and find it a lot more efficient as we can use the audit trail to track where the document has been. Docman has also reduced the amount of paper being passed around the practice.”

Jessica was recently nominated as a Docman Superhero by Debbie Jackson, Project Manager, Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit. “Jessica is our star here in Manchester for Docman. Benchill Medical Practice went live with Docman in April 2013. Jessica has found it great to track the letter process and it is much more efficient.”

“Now letters come in, are scanned and routed to the doctor who actions and summarises them. They then go to either medication clerks, filing or appointments and then to the summarisers.”

Jessica urges any practice about to go live with Docman to keep it simple, just do the same process but electronically, ‘just go for it and keep positive, it really saves time!”

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Jessica Potts, Secretarial Administrator, Benchill Medical Practice