Jabeen Meghji, Practice Manager at The Family Practice in Blackburn

Jabeen Meghji, Practice Manager at The Family Practice in Blackburn

The Family Practice in Blackburn utilises Docman to save time, audit information and ensure data quality. The practice has utilised the free BackOffice Apps to remove paper, capture data electronically and have an audit of their information.

Jabeen Meghji, Practice Manager at The Family Practice, based at Barbara Castle Way Health Centre “We use the Fridge Log, Accident Log, Address Book, Significant Events, Practice Feedback and Room Temperature Log in Docman.”

“Before using the BackOffice Apps we would manually record information on paper, but the problem with paper is that it can go missing. Everything can be recorded electronically in the Apps so that we have a full history of information so we can easily find out what happened on a certain date and what the outcome was. We can easily see when the information was added to an App, who was looking at it, where it is in the process and when it was recorded as finished. For example this could be a patient complaint; we record all the information in the App, so we can then always have an audit of information rather than worrying about paper records.”

“We enter information in to the Fridge log religiously. It makes it easier to find the data we need and ensures our information is securely stored. As and when an accident or significant event happens we record it in the Apps. We now scan in to Docman all our clinical and non-clinical information; we scan in the compliant in to the App and we can electronically work on it from there.”

“Our practice also utilise the Room Temperature log especially recently as there has been too much heat. The Apps are straight forward to use and we can input everything in to them so it is recorded.”

“As well as the back office management, Docman has streamlined our clinical document management processes, particularly when capturing information to file a document. We use Intellisense which is much easier and time efficient. The system pulls out key information; everything is already done so that we have the data in front of us in a speedy way.”

Jabeen Meghji, Practice Manager at The Family Practice