Falmouth Health Centre Case Study

Falmouth Health Centre Case Study

Falmouth Health Centre, Cornwall uses Docman for all documents in the practice. Having recently deployed the add-on module EDT Connect, the practice now receives electronic documents from secondary care organisations directly into Docman.

On a typical day Falmouth Health Centre file 120 letters into Docman, in which 20% of these are received electronically from participating hospitals.

Receiving 20 electronic documents a day, the practice approximately achieves an annual return on investment saving of £580. By receiving all 120 documents electronically the practice would benefit annually by £3,480.

Using Docman for the 100 ‘hard copy’ letters, the practice receive an average efficiency saving of £13,000 per year.

Using Docman

Letters are scanned to the Batch Manager function in Docman 7 ready to be filed. Throughout the day the practice file these documents to the patient’s clinical record and distribute them into a Workflow, allowing for Doctors to comment, stamp and review letters and assign actions needed to them. A complete audit trail is available allowing practice staff to view the status of any document at any time and instantly retrieve and view documents.
Using EDT Connect

Geoff Dennis, Practice Manager talks about how Docman and EDT are benefiting them, “Our practice can now view the status of documents in a workflow, and subsequently can action letters after being reviewed by a Doctor quicker than before. This allows our practice to be completely up-to-date with our patient’s records and enable quick access to information and be able to advise patients accordingly."

“Letters received through EDT are delivered directly into Batch Manager in Docman, which are then electronically filed and entered into a workflow. This is brilliant for our practice, especially when documents are tagged with meta-data, they can be filed with minimal intervention and be with a doctor instantly. In our practice Docman EDT polls a mailbox every hour and turns the electronic document into a tiff ready to file and workflow. If an electronic discharge summary is delivered at 9:00am then at the very latest 10:01am it will be in Batch Manager and ready to file. This saves us valuable time without needing to open post, scan the documents in and then think about destroying the document. Now electronic documents can be with a GP within an hour, rather than days or weeks after a patient episode."
Receiving various electronic document types

Docman EDT allows for various document types to be received electronically; Geoff highlights “we receive various documents through EDT, such as discharge summaries, ECG’s, clinical letters and clinical reports. We can also receive out of hours reports, which is great if a patient speaks to an out-of-hours service, the typed notes can then be received via EDT and straight into Docman instantly. We hope we can receive more electronic documents using EDT, and we are actively encouraging organisations to send documents electronically. Not only is this easier for us but the hospital must benefit greatly on printing, letter-headed paper and postage costs.”
Benefits to the practice

Geoff comments on some of the benefits of using Docman on a daily basis “the main benefit to a Practice Manager is the business document management function in Docman, allowing us to electronically store all our practices standard forms, letters and documents. We have a surgery documents section so our receptionists can quickly find information, for instance how much to charge for a patient letter or to find details on a flyer if we run out of a hard copy. We even have some technical support guides stored in case anyone in the practice would need a refresher on how to do something. The practice currently has 1500 documents stored in the non-clinical document area; it is a great feature being both convenient and saving valuable time retrieving a document and now the Doctors wouldn’t dream of printing things off."

Docman allows for secure document sections in which only certain users can access, “the secured document facility is brilliant; you allocate authority levels so that only Doctors can access child protection letters, partnership agreements and minutes."

Geoff on the impact EDT is having “Docman EDT provides us with information faster. Before using the software we could have patients come in and we wouldn’t be up-to-date with their records because letters might not be with us or still within an in tray in the practice. However with Docman EDT, receiving letters electronically is great, documents can instantly be filed into Docman, and be easily accessible and put into action within 1 hour rather than days, helping the practice provide a better service.”

As well as being used with many clinical systems, Docman integrates with many commercial solution providers, Geoff comments on how this is useful for them “Docman is great in the fact it can link with other solutions, we are able to pull from our digital dictation software and drop them straight into Docman."
Using the latest BackOffice Apps

“Docman has transformed the way we work and has revolutionised the way we handle clinical documents. BackOffice Apps are now helping us to bring that same high level of quality and consistency to our other data. The ability to attach scanned documents within the Apps means that our asset register is now directly linked to original suppliers invoices. The feedback from patients and significant events retain a consistent and searchable format with the Apps, something that will be essential as we move towards CQC registration.”

“Using the familiar Docman interface means that everyone is able to use the Apps with minimal training. On the very first day that the Apps were installed, our Healthcare Assistant saw the Fridge Log App in Docman, she archived the old paper temperature logs into the system and started using the App with no training whatsoever.
Final comment

Geoff summarises “The support from PCTI has been second-to-none, when there has been a new feature update the support staff have been excellent and very friendly in supporting us. Docman has made our life easier and allows us to put more resources into patient care. We cannot speak highly enough of how Docman has helped our practice."

Geoff Dennis, Practice Manager, Falmouth Health Centre