Falmouth Health Centre Case Study

Falmouth Health Centre Case Study

Taking another step to becoming paperless

PCTI, the electronic document management specialists, recently announced the next phase of Docman BackOffice, a range of specific apps to streamline the back office function of a GP practice.

Geoff Dennis, Practice Manager from Falmouth Health Centre describes how he utilises the software “Falmouth Health Centre is still in the early stages of using the BackOffice Apps; they have already begun to have a positive impact on those that are utilising them within their everyday tasks. The Apps are transforming the way the Practice manages their information. The functionality adds to the BackOffice suite which first launched the Library module to enable practices to efficiently store, workflow and retrieve all non-patient documents to support the practice."

The first series of applications include; room temperature log, asset register, birth register, death register, fridge log, practice feedback, significant events and accident log.

Geoff continues "The Apps help to keep everything together in a searchable form. They are contributing to a continued reduction in paper storage.”

This is how we use the Apps:

The Fridge Temperature Log has replaced spreadsheets and log books in our practice. We are now electronically recording fridge temperatures taken at various times of the day. This has significantly improved efficiency and accuracy. When checking the fridge temperatures we don’t need to hunt around for the log book and for audit purposes we know we can find the data all in one place.

Room Temperature Log – Where necessary we record room temperatures taken at various times of the day in to the App.

Accident Log – We have a system in place that will put accidents in the log if they arise. Here we can attach scans of accident report forms to the accident details and have a secure log for our records.

Asset Register – We now scan all asset invoices and documentation to the Asset Register to avoid keeping reams of paper records. This saves space in our Practice.

Practice Feedback – Whether managing complaints or registering praise the Practice feedback App can record and help manage any feedback to the practice. We record all feedback for our regular governance meetings. Being able to keep comments and scan letters is very useful.

Geoff added “The Apps are really so simple to use that new users should have no problem adapting to them”.

“Docman has transformed the way we work and has revolutionised the way we handle clinical documents. BackOffice Apps are now helping us to bring that same high level of quality and consistency to our other data. The ability to attach scanned documents within the Apps means that our asset register is now directly linked to original suppliers invoices. The feedback from patients and significant events retain a consistent and searchable format with the Apps, something that will be essential as we move towards CQC registration.”

“Using the familiar Docman interface means that everyone is able to use the Apps with minimal training. On the very first day that the Apps were installed, our Healthcare Assistant saw the Fridge Log App in Docman, she archived the old paper temperature logs into the system and started using the App with no training whatsoever."

Information and documents are now easy to access and share within the practice and Apps allow improved efficiency and accuracy and full confidence in auditability. The ability to store information in the Apps will reduce the time spent completing tasks and searching for information and the cost savings associated with the reduction of paper, as well as the increased reliability of information storage will benefit Practices.

Tim Robinson, Sales and Marketing Manager, PCTI “For years we have ensured our 5,500 GP practices have managed their patient documents securely and efficiently. Now we are making a considerable impact on the other information practices need to manage.”

Geoff Dennis, Practice Manager, Falmouth Health Centre