Dr Anscombe & Partners Case Study

Dr Anscombe & Partners Case Study

Dr Anscombe and partners is a large practice in Oxfordshire with 13,500 patients. The practice receives between 60-200 hard copy letters per day and a further 10-15 letters electronically into Docman. The practice uses the EMIS Web clinical system.

Dave Mills, Patient Services & IT Manager, Dr Anscombe & Partners, Oxfordshire,“We were overflowing with paperwork pouring into the practice and being passed from person to person. To remedy this we chose Docman as we wanted a solution which would blend-in with our existing software rather than being just another bolt-on that creates more hassle.”

“Docman has completely transformed the way we deal with paperwork in the surgery. It has improved the efficiency of all our Doctors and Admin staff, allowing us to cope with more work without extra investment, which in the current economic climate has been a real benefit!”

“The recent addition of iWorkflow really has been the icing on the cake by speeding up how we deal with patient documents, reducing errors and is another big step forward in helping us cope with the ever increasing surgery workload.”

“12 months ago the practice was struggling to cope with the volume of documents we received. Now because of iWorkflow, it has enabled us to cope with the increasing volume of documents without having to recruit more staff. In fact a couple of weeks ago we were at the point where there wasn’t a single document left anywhere in the practice waiting to be scanned, which hasn’t happened for quite a few years.”

The benefits of iWorkflow to the Admin team

“iWorkflow has been extremely useful to our Admin team and has saved them a lot of time and headaches. Previously we would have to check the patient’s regular GP, because of our practice name a lot of letters were addressed for the attention of Dr Anscombe. So our Admin team had to check every document and find out the patient’s regular GP, often being a time consuming process. However by using iWorkflow this information is collected automatically, in result it reduces mistakes and saves time. ”

“Another great part of iWorkflow is that it will send certain documents to the appropriate recipient, so we have set-up templates to do this, such as a smear, insurance, medical and of course the standard gp template so that all information hits the right person.”

The benefits of iWorkflow to Clinicians

“The biggest benefit of iWorkflow is to our GPs, who can action 80-90% of letters within one-click. We have set up various ‘Quick Steps’ (macros) to save GPs a lot of time; irrespective of the IT skill level of a GP the system is easy to use with confidence. This has saved our 12 GP’s a lot of time.”

“The system is very configurable to suit the way we work as you can tailor the system actions, comments and ‘Quick Steps’. This is a much quicker and easier way of working to automate processes, which has saved us around 5 hours a week in staff time.”

Using EDT to receive electronic documents

The practice uses EDT to pull electronic documents into Docman, these documents include Out of Hours reports, district nurse reports and minor injury reports.

Dave highlights, “These documents are pulled into Docman and go straight into batch manager. We could set-up the system to auto-file the documents, but we like to look at the letters and prioritise on the level of importance. On a Monday morning there might be 50-100 Out of Hours reports delivered. By receiving these using EDT we have removed the scanning process and in result saved our practice an hour in time on busy Monday mornings. This has enabled our practice to open up another phone line on a Monday morning to deal with the increased number of calls.”

Deploying iWorkflow

“I first heard about iWorkflow on the Docman User Network a long time ago and was obviously keen to find out more. I quickly got to grips with iWorkflow myself and then set-up drop-in sessions for staff to attend. This went very well and we then went on to have special tailored one-to-one sessions to ensure each person was up to speed. As the system is really intuitive, the process was seamless. We then went live and haven’t looked back since.”

Dave Mills, Patient Services & IT Manager, Dr Anscombe & Partners