Ash Trees Case Study

Ash Trees Case Study

Ash Trees Surgery has 13 GPs, 3 Nurse Practitioners, 6 Nurses and 13 Administrators and a 15,000 patient list. The practice uses Docman with the iSoft Synergy clinical system and will be moving to EMIS Web in May.

Lisa Jones, Data Team Leader “we did a time analysis into the impact of iWorkflow in comparison to Docman’s previous workflow module and the time savings found were considerable. We have saved each of our staff around 1 hour a day because of the automated workflow processes we have set-up across our practice.”

Roger Townson, IT Manager “I strongly think that Docman would benefit other practices in our area in the same way it has done for us, we really couldn’t cope without it.”

Becoming paper-light

Docman has streamlined the practice’s working processes and improved data quality, helping to maximise QOF points and free professionals to concentrate on patient care. The practice estimates to have saved 7 hours per day in staff time by using Docman over a paper process, which enables the practice to manage the ever increasing workload to the highest standards.

Capturing documents

“Our Acute Trust has a Docman Hub so our letters are received electronically and are pulled into Docman automatically using EDT Connect. We have this running every 15 minutes so that letters are continuously dropping into Docman. The solution has ensured we now have no back log of documents and we can turn things around within hours. For hard copy documents, letters are scanned in and we use Intellisense to pick out the key information to file the document. This automates the process to ensure we are efficient and achieve data quality.”

Intellisense is a Clinical Content Recognition system that automatically detects patient and filing details, significantly improving the speed and data quality of filing into the patient’s clinical record.

EDT Connect enables practices to receive electronic documents automatically into Docman GP for filing and workflow. Documents can enter workflow instantaneously ensuring systems are completely up-to-date with all patient episodes providing a knowledgeable and informed service to patients. Benefits include auto-patient matching, pre-populated filing fields and no scanning.


Two years ago the practice upgraded to iWorkflow, the intelligent ‘Action Based Workflow‘ and ‘Quick Step’ single-click platform to reduce interactions, saving GPs and practice staff time. Lisa highlights “iWorkflow has saved all of our practice at least 2 or 3 mouse clicks for each document. We have set-up various quick steps and comments that combine actions and mouse clicks into one mouse click. This means we spend less time on administration processes and our workflow process for patient letters is streamlined. Some of our comments and quick steps include ‘satisfactory result’, ‘med change’ and ‘coded’. We also have various quick steps such as ‘make an appointment’, ‘no action required’, ‘coded to GP’, ‘not coded’, which all have been automated to reduce the mouse clicks we take.”

Intelligent Summarising

The practice utilise Intellisense to capture diagnosis and procedure read codes within a document through the OCR process. Lisa comments “Intellisense has made a significant improvement to the speed and accuracy of filing and summarising in our practice. In result we have no problems with QOF and are 100% confident our data is correct and that we always use the correct read codes.”

“If I scan a PHQ9 form through Intellisense it pre-selects the read code that we should use and then the letter is workflowed on. We have set-up various templates to streamline our workflow and summarising process so that Intellisense automatically picks the read code, so we have reduced a huge manual process in our practice.


The surgery has utilised Docman BackOffice as a secure intranet and content management solution to provide a secure and audited solution for their non-clinical information.

Roger comments “We like the BackOffice Apps because they provide an audit trail of information; they are backed-up and provide a security rather than using paper or spread sheets. We can easily record information into the Apps which provides information electronically at a click of a button rather than using notes or paper, having to find them and keep them updated.”

The practice previously managed and maintained a practice Intranet before moving to BackOffice. Roger highlights “We use Library for hundreds of documents and web links which has completely replaced our intranet. In Library we store protocols, templates and anything our practice needs. This helps us manage the problems that can happen with version control when documents are emailed around or saved to desktops. It also helps us when we need to make an update to information, we do not need to go around and update paper copies or ensure versions saved elsewhere are also updated.”

Audited Collaboration

Ash Trees Surgery use Docman Collaborator to provide an audited discussion platform, enabling the practice to manage, share and discuss information securely. Lisa comments “we use Collaborator as a referral peer review tool and for managing locums. This enables our GPs to overview other GPs referrals and it’s easy to manage when GPs are on holiday. By using Collaborator to do this we have a full audit to show the CCG, the information can be used as a training exercise and it can be information for our monthly meeting. We plan on using Collaborator more and more as a platform for managing projects, staff and information.”


Since using Docman the practice has benefitted from becoming paper-light and the significant time savings associated, Roger summarises “We have a lot of practices visit us to see what Docman can do. The system has revolutionised our practice and it has made a huge impact in making us efficient. In result we have recommended the system to other practices.”

Roger Townson, IT Manager, Ash Trees Surgery