Here at Docman our customers have often asked us ‘who is Docman?’ So we decided to open a competition to design a Docman Superhero character and this website was the result. The winning design (right) was designed by Matt Hunt.

We were overwhelmed with the number of entries in to the LoveDocman Superhero competition so we narrowed them down to a shortlist of 20 entries to go to a public vote. Over 2000 votes were then made over a 4 week period!

This website will now be used to showcase those members of your organisation that are making a real difference to improving patient services, streamlining processes and maximising time savings. If you have a Docman Superhero in your organisation, please nominate them or yourself and we will send you an exclusive gift pack.

A Docman Superhero is:

  • The go-to person for Docman in the organisation
  • The Docman Super-User
  • A key member of your organisation who has used Docman to streamline processes
  • An evangelist for driving paper free care in the NHS
  • Drives improved data quality

What do I get for being a Superhero?

  • You will be showcased on the LoveDocman website for all your colleagues, family and friends to see
  • We’ll send you an exclusive LoveDocman gift pack
  • You’ll wear the invisible Docman cape with pride